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PostSubject: About -]e|L[-   Thu Feb 14, 2008 8:41 pm

We are a Starsiege Tribes Paintball Clan. A lot of people think of us as a clan that "won't last more than 1 month" I have to disagree. We were born on February 14, 2008. Each and every day we grow stronger. Stronger in skill, stronger in friendship, and stronger in life. A game is not just about playing. Look at the people you meet, the things you learn. Those are life skills, and those are the skills that we take seriously. So what if you cannot play all that well, so what if your aim isnt the best. We take each member, and we work with them, making them a very respectful, honest, loyal, and above all, very skilled. The members who represent -]e|L[- -ever|Lasting- are the players in the game who best represent what its like to play a game, to play it fair, and to have fun. We don't just concentrate on skill, oh no. We concentrate on learning the basics first, and building our way up. That is what our clan was meant to be, what it is now, and what it will always be. When we first started out, there was an insufficient amount of people to actually join a new clan. So we had to start from the bottom.

-]e|L[- is a true clan of honesty, respect, loyalty, and in most cases: skill. We try our hardest no matter what the circumstances are. We never give up a fight, we never backdown, either. We stick to our word, we stick to the rules, and we stick to each other. We will be a clan that will never die. It will always remain. It may die in the game a few years down the road...But it will always remain in the memories and hearts of those who have played in, against, or around this clan.

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About -]e|L[-
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